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Questions & answers

- Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions -

What kind of cakes do you make?

We take on cakes for all occasions!
To name a few examples: Birthday, confirmation, graduation, wedding, baby shower & gender reveal cakes along with fun hen and stag party cakes.

Is it hard to cut stacked cakes?

No, not at all! Each layer of cake comes on a paper plate that stands on supports in the cake below and not on the cake itself. This makes slicing the cake a breeze, just like cutting a regular cake. You start on the top tier and when it's done, that cake plate is taken off and you start on the next tier, etc.

Do you use regular buttercream?

No we don't.
Most of our creams are Italian buttercreams, where we melt the sugar into the cream, instead of using traditional cream with icing sugar. The result is a silky soft and delicious cream. It should be kept in mind that our fruit creams are made with flavorings, if you want an authentic fruit taste, we recommend using a filling of fresh fruit or fruit curds.

Can you make cakes according to the pictures I sent you?

Of course! We love being sent images to work from or tackle something new. But our cakes are handmade, so we can never promise that the results or colors will be exactly as requested in the pictures. Of course, we do our best and will apply our interpretation to make the result as good as possible.

Do the cakes need to be refrigerated?

Our cakes taste best at room temperature, the cream is so silky!
It is good to aim to keep the cake at room temperature for 2-3 hours before eating it.
If the party is not on the same day, it is good to keep the cake in the refrigerator, also if the cake has mousse and not cream, it must be kept in the refrigerator until it is eaten.
(Sugar paste figures must be removed, they can leak in the refrigerator)

What size of cake should I take?

We calculate that a cake for 20 people will be 20 slices, so our recommendation is always to take a cake that corresponds to the number of people in the party (maybe it's good to calculate 1/2 slice per child).
But everyone has to evaluate this based on their own party, if there is a lot of other food, it could be estimated that a smaller cake is needed in some cases, but not at all.
Cakes also vary in appearance depending on how many people the cake is for, for example if you want a 3-tiered cake, it must be for at least 40 people or more, so it is good to keep the look of the cake in mind when choosing the size, that information can be found on the ordering page.

Can I order cakes on site and get help?

Of course, we want to provide as much help as needed, if you have a few questions but can order online, you are welcome to visit us and ask at our desk, call, send us a message or e-mail.
We want all orders to go through our online store so that we have all orders in the same place and nothing is forgotten, there are also terms and conditions that must be accepted.
Taking a cake order on the spot can be complicated and time-consuming, because there is a lot of information needed. 
Since we have few cake decorators currently working for us, they are the only ones who can accept such orders, and they are often very busy, you have to book an appointment for complete assistance with ordering and the cost is ISK 2,000-
Then we can guarantee that you will receive the best possible service, and we will sit down together, discuss the order, enter it into the online store and inform you about the terms.

I don't know what i want! Which cakes & creams go well together?

This is the hardest question we get!
It is very different what everyone thinks is good.
We love to try new things when it comes to flavors so we always encourage people to really think about what they like when choosing.
Some people love crunch while others just can't licorice. If you love skittles choose skittles cream!
Although it is simple to choose just a chocolate cake with chocolate cream, the cake could be so many times better with different combinations.

If you are willing to try something new and exciting and take the cake to a higher level, what we strongly recommend are cakes with mousse and fillings, whether you want extra 'crunch' with a daim filling or freshness with a berry filling or a juicy fruit curd. Example:

Chocolate cake + white chocolate mousse + raspberry curd
Vanilla cake + Daim mousse + Daim filling
Chocolate cake + chocolate mousse + banana curd
Vanilla cake + coconut cream + pineapple curd
Vanilla cake + white chocolate caramel mousse + fresh strawberries

But if you want something simple and classic, it's good to follow these criteria.
Creams that have some kind of chocolate cream go best with chocolate cakes and fruit flavored creams go best with vanilla cakes in our opinion, but of course the other way around is also very good. 
The cream that is most classic with red velvet, carrot cake and lemon cake is vanilla, cream cheese or lemon cream cheese buttercream.
Caramel cake with caramel cream is always a classic.
Here are some classic combinations that are often combined, especially for children's birthdays.
Chocolate cake + chocolate cream
Chocolate cake + vanilla cream
Vanilla cake + vanilla cream
Vanilla cake + all kinds of fruit cream
Chocolate cake + all kinds of chocolate cream such as mars, toblerone, dumle, þrista, etc.


How do I move a 3-, 4- or 5-layer cake between places?

It is best to arrive in a car with a high trunk where the floor surface is flat. Such large cakes are very massive and in most cases there is a pillar through the entire cake and it has been in our refrigerator for some time before being picked up. So in most cases driving carefully after that should be enough.
If you are worried or don't have a good enough car at your disposal, we definitely recommend home delivery to a party venue where we guarantee the cake on the way. But accidents do not prevent invitations, and if you want even more security that the cake will stay pretty, in many cases it is possible to have cakes put together at the party venue. That is the cake is stacked on the spot and no need to travel for such a tall cake, which is certainly never without risk.

Do I have to pay for the order immediately when I order?

No, not immediately upon ordering. But when you receive a mail back with a reply and the implementation of the order is accepted, you will be asked to pay a confirmation fee of 50% of the total price (or the entire order if desired) by bank transfer or at the café, the rest is paid when you get the cake.

How do I know if my order will be fulfilled?

When you have placed an order, you will receive an automatic response if the order went through, it is not a confirmation that the order will be made, but a confirmation that the order has arrived in the system. You will be contacted by e-mail whether we can make the cake in time and when a conclusion is reached with the designs, you will be asked to pay a confirmation fee, 50% of the total price.
This confirmation fee must be received less than 3 days prior to delivery, once received it is a sign that your order will be ready at the time you requested!

Can I cancel the order if I have already paid the confirmation fee?

Yes, you can cancel. But after the confirmation fee is received, the space has been reserved and it cannot be refunded.
However, if you have paid the full amount and the order has not been processed, we can refund 50% of the order (not including the confirmation fee)

Is it possible to get home delivery?

Yes it is possible! To get your order safely to you, it's best to leave it to the professionals who have delivered cakes many times! We also guarantee orders that are on the way in the home delivery if something goes wrong. Price depends on what is being delivered.

When do I need to order?

Most orders require at least 3 days before delivery  So that the order has the possibility of being made in time, but you should remember to answer emails immediately because the confirmation fee must also be received 3 days before delivery.

Cakes with very complex decorations require at least 5 days notice, along with French macarons.

We emphasize that this time is the very last chance for reservation and we strongly recommend ordering with a longer notice so that you can discuss and plan the reservation better and secure a place because it has often happened that we are fully booked somewhat further in time than this reservation says.

Do you accept large corporate orders?

Oh, we LOVE big orders and really enjoy taking on big projects. We're always full of ideas, whether it's employee gifts or for larger corporate gatherings.
For offers and more information, contact us at

Do you cater for funerals?

Yes, of course we can. In difficult times, it's good to be able to get rid of the stress of catering for funerals, and we really want to relieve that pressure. We provide offers and good discounts, contact us for more information at

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