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Sykurverk's privacy policy

Privacy policy

We at Sykurverk ehf. is concerned about the privacy and security of the data we handle.

Our privacy policy explains the purpose for which personal information is collected and how such data is handled.
Our goal is that employees, customers and other individuals, like us at any time, are informed about how we collect and process personal information.



Sykurverk ehf. ID 450393-3129, hereinafter referred to as Sykurverk. We process and handle personal data we collect as a vendor.

We are located in Brekkugatu 3, 600 Akureyri and are responsible for the personal information provided to us. You can send a written inquiry to us about the processing of personal data to the email address

Collection and handling of personal information

We collect information about employees, customers, and suppliers that we are obliged to preserve in accordance with laws and regulations, agreements, consent of the data subject or due to other legitimate interests of the responsible party.

We collect personal information about our customers for the following purposes:

  • To give them access to products and services in accordance with the provisions of commercial agreements.

  • To ensure that services are tailored to their needs.

  • To communicate information to them for marketing purposes.

We only collect information that is necessary to provide advice or services at any given time. If a customer chooses not to provide personal information, there is a possibility that we will not be able to supply products or provide services to the relevant party.

Sharing of personal information

We will never use personal information for a purpose other than the one for which it was collected. We never store personal data longer than is deemed necessary in accordance with the provisions of commercial agreements.

We will never pass on personal information to third parties except with consent or in accordance with the provisions of commercial agreements. However, we reserve the right to share personal information with a third party (processor) who is a service provider or contractor on our behalf, and then for the purpose of completing a project or providing the customer with a service or product for which the customer has made an agreement. We hand over to processors only the personal data deemed necessary to achieve the aforementioned purposes.

In cases where a third party (processor) gets access to personal information, we guarantee confidentiality and that the data is deleted after processing. We never rent or sell personal customer information.

Parties worth mentioning that may find it necessary to provide certain personal information in line with these terms all have strict privacy policies and in line with prevailing laws.
These include Borgun and Salt pay for payment for products and services, and, which is our accounting and sales system.


Data security

We place great emphasis on ensuring that personal information is stored securely. We ensure that appropriate technical and organizational security measures are taken to ensure maximum data security at all times.

Our privacy policy is reviewed regularly and it is our policy to be as clear as possible about how we collect personal information and for what purposes the information is used. We reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time, without notice.

All inquiries about the handling of personal information and our privacy policy should be sent to us by email at

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