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Helena Guðmundsdóttir

The mom
Owner - Chairman of the Board
Bread and meringue
Born in 1974, a married mother of 3 children who has always had a great interest in baking and a great ambition to decorate a party table with all kinds of delicious delicacies.

Karolina Helenudóttir

Big sister
Owner - Managing Director
Recipe expert and cake artist.
Born in 1995, engaged mother of 3 children, has an incredible interest in beautiful decorations & exciting combinations of flavors
 and is always trying something new in the kitchen.

Þórunn Jóna Héðinsdóttir

Little sister
Owner - Vice Chairman
Order manager, cake artist and coffee barista.
Born in 2001, single, really likes to serve up a nice cup of coffee with a fu
n art piece. Infected with an interest in baking and decorating by mother and big sister and has mastered the art of cake.

About Sykurverk

Why the name Sykurverk?

The name is derived from the origin, where first of all we wanted to focus on our party services and as a result the name Sykurverk came up. Based on the sugar works of art we offer: our cakes.
But then it also led us to a great business in a cafe, which we do not regret! Yes, our crêpes are crazy late and have been so popular, and we just think it's awesome to have added this big part of the business. Although the name may not quite match the crêpes or our menu, we are sticking with the name as that is where our adventure began, with the sugar artworks!



My mother-in-law and I have always had a lot of fun together in the kitchen, whether it was baking pizza for dinner, cinnamon rolls with coffee or even making birthday cakes for the family. We have always worked particularly well together and each of us had our own role; Mom baked cakes and put them together, Þórunn is a genius at putting the sugar mixture over the cake and Karolína took care of the decorations. Now that we have worked together for this long, we have taught each other's projects and we work well together no matter what the project is.

How did the idea of Sugar Work start?

The idea started in Karolína's head, she had started to dabble in cake decorating just before her daughter was born in 2016 as she wanted to learn how to make beautiful cakes for future gender and birthday parties, as my mother had always made all birthday cakes no matter what was requested by us siblings, whether it was a snake card, a sponge boy or even Sylvía Nótt! Mom didn't set anything for herself in this, and Karolína wanted to be able to do that for her children as well.
It's fair to say that practice makes perfect when it comes to the first birthday cake that was made by her hands, but what could be better, she decided to search the world of the internet and learn all she could about cake decorating. Then there was a situation where the recipes she found here and there just weren't quite right, so she took it upon herself, got herself a crass book and refined and created her own recipes, because that's our motto - the taste is the most important !

We are very proud to have our own recipes and cherish them very much.


Although Karolína learned a lot, it doesn't mean that she was alone in this, she always got Mom and Þórunn to help her in the kitchen for parties, Mom took care of the cream pies and the party food, and Karolína and Þórunn conjured up the birthday cakes. Karolína taught her sister well all the experiences she had accumulated and then it was time for the big question...

It is incredibly fun and rewarding, to make beautiful and good cakes and to see the joy in people's eyes when they see beautiful cakes and taste them and to hear that they are sinfully good,how can we do this more often???

Karolína and Þórunn came to a conclusion, they wanted to start a company; banquet service. Perfect since Þórunn was about to finish his high school studies and needed a job. They looked for a place for a long time, but then they got the opportunity to take over the running of a small cafe and thought it sounded very good. It went rather poorly and they didn't bother with it any longer as they saw an advertised restaurant for sale, certainly it was a much bigger battery than the small catering service they originally intended to have and they weren't quite sure about this but managed to talk Mom into this as she had just decided to stop being a daycare after about 20 years, but hadn't found another job yet, so the three of them decided to open a cafe and catering service! Something that Mamma had wondered about over the years, how awesome it would be to have her own cafe, but it always seemed like such a distant dream.


Now the dream has come true. Karolína and Þórunn get to make people happy and enjoy all kinds of beautiful Sugar Works every day, and Mamma gets to prepare the cream pies, the bread tarts and all her irresistible dishes together with her favorite coffee, and we do all this together, every day. -

that's the dream.

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