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Sykurverk  Café

- Everything baked on site!

Köku Sneiðar

At our café you can get all kinds of delicacies!

     ♥ Cakes
     ♥ Meringue tart
     ♥ Cupcakes
     ♥ Macarons

     ♥ Snacks for kids
     ♥ Bread sandwich cakes
     ♥ Savory crêpes & sweet crêpes
     ♥ Delicious coffee drinks
     ♥ Crazy Milkshakes

     ♥ Sweet & exciting cocktail menu

And so much, much more


We put a lot of thought into our cakes as we love exciting new flavors.
Every week there is a changing selection depending on what comes to our mind.
The cakes that are available are always at least:
     ♥ Vanilla cake with exciting cream
     ♥ Chocolate cake with exciting cream
     ♥ Chocolate cake with chocolate cream
     ♥ Vegan cake with exciting cream
     ♥ Adventure cake, small slices for kids
     ♥ Exciting cheesecake or SKYRcake
     ♥ Candy-, caramel or berry meringue
These are just the cakes, of course we have all kinds of cupcakes and other sweets in all kinds of flavors!


Dumle kaka vikunnar


matar kreps.jpg

Our crêpes have been a hit and are great for those who want to try something new and exciting.
Here you can get many types of crêpes!

     ♥ Savory crêpes with rice - 3 toppings
     ♥ Cheese crêpes with extra cheese - 2 toppings
     ♥ Brunch crêpes with eggs & bacon
     ♥ Lox crêpes with smoked salmon
     ♥ Dream crêpes with sweet sauce - 3 treats           or fruit of your choice
     ♥ Classic crêpes with jam & cream
     ♥ Sugar crepes

Check out the menu below for more information

The candy store

Nammibúð / candy store / candy shop

Always fun to check out the candy store!
♥ Exciting soda ♥ Crafty toy candy for kids ♥ American candy, cereal & snacks ♥


Crazy Shake / Birthday cake
Costa Coffee / hágæða Costa kaffi

At Sykurverk Café we use high quality UTC certified,
Honest organic coffee in all coffee drinks which makes them incredibly delicious!

Experience in a glass!
CrAzY ShAkEs
All kinds of exciting drinks available and, of course, decorated!!!FAR TOO MUCH!!

Frozen unicorn Cocktail / kokteilar

Sugar-sweet cocktails in the style of Sykurverk, of course, most including CANDY 
Great for meeting friends because these are crazy and of course very cool for taking pictures!


Leikhorn fyrir börn / skipti aðstaða

Play corner for happy kids

Frábær staður fyrir barnafólk
Gott hjólastóla aðgengi

Excellent wheelchair access

Frítt/free wifi

Free wifi

Plenty of room for strollers and good changing room for the youngest children

Hundar leyfðir

Well behaved dogs allowed in special areas all days except Saturdays


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